Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What to write

This would be my first official blog post. I have been thinking of starting a blog since a very long time now, as it would also be evident from the fact that I have been registered at blogger for a few months now. However, the dilemma of what o write in your first post must be quite troublesome for many (as per my count of number of blogs suggesting people on what to write in their first post). However, this post is not about giving suggestion to pothers on what to (or not to) write in their first post. This post is about the many different things that come to my mind while I am writing this post.

While I sat down to start writing there were three things that came to my mind (A) Should I write about a daily activity, (B) Should the post be about venting out the often unsaid thoughts that come to my mid or (C) Should it be something professional: me being from a research background, often encounter several interesting findings and scientific facts that I feel worth sharing. I have been thinking a lot regarding this and have come down to the conclusion that I could write about anything I want to. Or as a matter of fact I might just end up creating a separate blog for each one over time. The things need not be said all at one time or in a sequence. It could be as simple as putting down each on the paper one at a time. Over all this time I have just come to realize that it all boils down to coming forth and just   doing it rather than boggling your mind about it.

As I am writing this another thing that I also realize is that you do not need to know any complicated jargonized English to write down your mind. Its simply about writing what you want. So I have decided ( and I hope I stick to it) that I would write one thing down at a time preferably each day.